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new layout for xanga - I know it's not as good, but it's only version one. And I know I should be more enthusiastic, but someone just put me in a really bad mood.

I know I'm not great at everything, especially when it comes to being mean to people. Because I was taught to always be nice and respect others. So when people come to me and start dissing me, most of the time I don't respond and sometimes I can't think of anything to say. That's because I don't spend my time learning how to diss others, instead I try to help others. It really hurts when I've done nothing wrong and people start dissing me, and when I especially can't do anything back, it hurts even more because I feel stupid... I'm helpless.

So about yesteday.. halloween, I had fun. Aimee, Nikki and I went dressed as Simple Plan. Got comments, both good and bad. Then we all plus Mishy and Ct went over Aimee's house. We went trick-o-treating ( shut up we're not too old ) and got way too much candy. Then we went over to my house and watched American Pie 2, Degrassi, and RFR. Then we just chilled in my room. Doesn't sound like much, but it was fun. We took a lot of pictures, but I don't feel like posting them up, maybe Ct will.
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