Tiffany (candiiangel) wrote,

lmao wth. i love looking back on old journals & entries no matter how embarassing they are. ahhh reminiscing.. i miss the good 'ol days. hahah i was such a loser back then... and probably still now.

so, it's september 2005. school has started, i'm a junior, homework sucks. ok what's new. i got into volleyball varsity. surprise surprise.. sort of pissed off though cuz the coach didn't cut anyone from my group. hm =/ ! oh well, at least i get varsity release, whee.

it's almost 3AM, so freaking tired. but this is keeping me up, i'm laughing at myself cuz i'm so damn stupid when i was young. soo naive, and innocent, and clueless, and oblivious. it's funny how i changed so much.

iffffffffy is my bf =O =x =) =P. he's gonna read this one day. cuz he wants to. but i said no. but you know how things are. he's gonna probably end up reading it. then laugh at me. then i turn red. but then i have nothing to be embarass of anymore. i'm not ashamed of who i was.. lmao.

wow i sound so weird and dumb here. not in the mood to write a serious entry. way to freaking tired. i think its time for me to go to bed.
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