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long day

Today was such a great day. After fencing practice ( the last try-outs aww ) Heather took me home. Then Christine picked me up and we went to the boardway mall. We did so much in 2 hours. We went to almost every store, tried on hats, clothes, took pictures, bought earrings, window shopped, bought a drink, read a japanese version of the ring, and other crap.

Then Maggie, Kris, Zoe and Allison came and took us to the iceskating rink at Cantiague Park. We met Meli and Wei-Ping there along with her brother and Allison's brother. I haven't iceskated in 3 years, but it's all cool I didn't fall, =). Then we walked to boardway mall ( long ass walk ) and hung out there. We saw soo many people from our school and other schools..

I'm so tired, been out for so long my legs are tired. And my ankle hurts from the ice skates. Oh yeah, didn't get a phone call from the fencing coach.. so that means I made the team.. I think. WHAT IF.. they called but they forgot to leave a message. WHAT IF.. they called but the message didn't get through? Ah, I'll go check if I made it or not tomorrow but for now, I MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Christine's one happy gal =D

Trying on a hat

Christine trying on another hat

Both trying on a hat


Zoe & Meli

Zoe & Maggie


Skating rink

Maggie & Vicki
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