Tiffany (candiiangel) wrote,

life is like a snow globe

My english response...

Life is Like a Snow Globe

I chose Life Is Like a Snow Globe as my title for my autobiography. Picture a snow globe with a town in it. I chose the title because my life is indeed like a snow globe. It's small and full of surprises and problems. The glass of the snow globe holds in my own small world. The glass of the snow globe are my family and friends. They protect me from the bad things in life and help steer me away from peer pressure. As easy as it is to break the snow globe, it is easy to go the wrong way in life. Thanks to my parents and for me making the right decisions, I'm succeeding from robbing a bank or kidnapping someone. Every so often my life is filled with the most fun, surprising, or horrible events. When the snow is still and everything is calm in a snow globe, it's similar to my life being perfect or just great. But when the snow globe is shook, snow flies everywhere. Like my life, events occur and things get crazy in my life. They represent the snow. Basically the snow being shook in a snow globe is what makes my life interesting and fun to live in.


it sucks.
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