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derek's birthday party

On Monday after school, Aimee, Christine and I planned to go over Nikki's house. So after the bowling orientation and Chinese dance, Nikki forgot her jacket so she ran to her locker to get it. Too bad it was too late and the bus was leaving.. so I ran out to the bus and Aimee and Christine followed me and we went on Nikki's bus without her. OOPS. We're so meann. The bus driver was nice enough to take us back to school and we found Nikki there ='(. Her mom picked us up and we went to Dunkin Doughnuts. Christine and I got icecream and we shared this egg sandwich thingy. At Nikki's we just chilled.

Today, Tuesday Meli, me, and a lot of Derek's friends went to the movies for his birthday party. We went to see Elf which I thought was okay =/. Then we came back to my house and all of Derek's friends chilled. All of em are gone now. =D The madness.

[ 11-11-02 ] It's been two years

They spelled Derek's name wrong.. they wrote DEVEK.

Er.. I dunno what he's doing, haha.

Tiff, Meli, Zoe, Kris.

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