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First weekend of October 2003

The first weekend of October 2003. If you think about it.. it's the ONLY first weekend of October 2003 we'll ever have. Hahaha.

Friday, the third --

We had a volleyball game at Locust Valley and we were so close to winning.. but we lost thanks to me and my sneakers ( long story ). I feel so bad, we were one point of getting a tied and we could have won that last round but we didn't because I made a stupid mistake. Don't hate meeeeeeee.

On the way back, we ( anita, christine, mishy, esther and me ) decided to go to the movies. So we went on Esther's and Christine's bus and we talked to Richie ( hi richie ). So at the movie theatre we were debating on what to see and we decided on Underworld but we got tickets for School of Rock so we could sneak in. BUT THEN I dunno what happened.. and we saw School of Rock instead. And I'm glad we did, it's such a funny movie. It's a must see, and the guy that plays Freddy Jones ( kevin clark ) reminds me of Tom Felton! All the kids in the movie are suppose to be 10 year old but the funny thing is they're not. Kevin is an '88 and the others are like much older than 10.

After the movies, we went back to Christine's and we watched Degrassi! XD Then my dad came and took Mishy and Anita home. I shoulda brought my digicam but I forgot =[.

Saturday, the fourth --

My mom took Meli and me to Flushing. I waited around with Meli at the doctor and then after we went back to my parent's store. We walked around to a lot of places, we were gonna get DDR MAX 2 for $44.99 but my mom said wait till xmas, so boohoo. We ate out for dinner in Flushing at this .. place which I don't know the name of. Good food though.

Sunday, the fifth --

Blegh CHINESE SCHOOL. I hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it. >O

I got a 50 on my test, hahahahah I really didn't study. It was hard too we skipped from chapter one to the last chapter of the book, 16. I was like wtf. We have a new kid in our class, her name is TIFFANY and she goes to Seaman. Everytime the teacher says Tiffany, it confuses me >[ then, goozin class.

Dad took Derek, Meli and me to the mall afterwards. We went to soo many stores and I didn't buy a single thing except for icecream and cookies --; I was suppoe to buy pants and shirts but couldn't find any I want.. I'm too picky haha. There was 'okay' looking shirts and 'okay' looking pants but I wouldn't get them cuz they have to be perfect, lmao. Oh yeah and wtf, Flushing game's store is trying to rip peopel off eh?? They were selling DDR MAX2 for $39.99 at Sam Goody! wtf.. --; Afterwards we went to the supermarket and got tons of food and SHRIMP. I <3 Shrimp.

Monday, the sixth --

Hurrah no school, thanks Yom Kippur, i heart you! Nikki was suppose to be fasting but she's not, lmao. my hair's all curly today cuz I put it in braids last night. Got piano lesson at 7 tonight ( hates ). Tomorrow's PJs day at school. Gonna wear my paul frank pants, tank and sweater =p.

tues - pj day
wed - hawaiian day ( ain't doing that.. but i do have the necklace thingy.. got it in hawaii )
thurs - college day ( wear college shirts / pants / etc )
fri - blue and gold day ( pep rally ) -- vball game

hurrah. can't wait till the 17, got a GC concert and Mest is gonna be there. And the 31, HALLOWEEN. Party at mi casa ;D
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haha i saw my name in there twice.
why does that confuse you?
lmfao okay hi. yeah I have chinese school too so I know what you mean but I'm on like book 11 now and I have no idea what's going on. I know that the last chapter that we learned was about benjamin franklin and it was really funny because the drawings were so wierd and ugly. THEN i joined this patrol thing because it gives me three hours of service credit and I'm like cool so I joined. too bad I need like a 70% average to maintain my position so i'm like FUCK!! it was so bad. anyhoos next week no chinky school for me either because of homecoming and being the idiot that I am I'm in marching band ^.^ Isnt' your sister in it too> whatevers well I'll be in a dumb uniform and playing a dumb instrument basically standing out there looking dumb. okay gonna go get water now because I really hate this keyboard at the public library. It says quiet key but its the loudest keyboard I've ever heard. Anyways this comment thing is turning intoa friggin update so I'll leave you alone now kbyes.
hey my name is Amanda, i'm from los angeles california. I saw you liked one of my favorite bands good charlotte, do you mind if I add you