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October 1st, wow. The first month of school is over! I think I caught a cold, I'm not feeling too well. =[ My nose is stuffy and my eyes are all red and blegh I feel like a mess.

Today Alli, Nikki, Mishy and I went to school early so we could study for bio. Betty, my sister and Maggie came afterwards. The bio test overall was E-A-S-Y. I better get a good grade, haha.

I'm in Media Arts right now, I finished my project ( putting a picture of ourselves onto a magazine cover ) so now I'm just surfing the net and visiting journal pages and stuff. Really bored... I got Spanish next ( oh joy ) then Orchestra, Math and English. I seriously hate my English class we got a essay test coming up this friday. OH and this Friday, new episode of Degrassi, the best show everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr =D.

Today we played the knot game in gym, I love that game.. it's so much fun when there's like 20 people. Christina baked brownies this morning, yummie ;D I love Christina, she's gonna make me dinner hahah. 5 course meal =D.

I was reading my old entries on LJ, my god I was sad kid. Hahha, I would write like 6 entries ( most of them less than 3 sentences ) in one day. Some of them are pretty funny, some of them makes me wonder how I survived 6th grade. I've had LJ for 3 years almost 4! 712 entries in Lj.


- homecoming ( oct 11 and 12 )

- good charlotte concert ( oct 17 )

- halloween ( it's on friday and that means parrty! oct 31. )
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