Tiffany (candiiangel) wrote,

Stolen from Hannah.

spell your first name backwards: ynaifft
the story behind your user name: me and two other friends formed an 'angel club' and i was candiiangel, lmfao.
how old?: fourteen baby.
where do you live?: old westbury

wallet: gray and shiny.
jewelry worn daily: earrings.
pillow cover: white with stars and clouds.
shoes: new balance ( nikki shoes ), sauconys, pumas.
CD in stereo right now: none.
piercings: ears.
what you are wearing now: pajamas.
hair: layered with orange/blond/brown highlights.
after this: beddd!
talking to: chris samara.
eating: nothing.
some of your favorite movies: the ring, harry potter 1 + 2, lotr, potc...
something you're looking forward to: prom.
the last thing you ate: watermelon.
something that you are deadly afraid of: spiders.. insects.. ghosts..
do you like candles: erm, sure why not.
do you believe in love: yes.
do you believe in soul mates: i'll believe it when i see one.
do you believe in love at first sight: i'll believe it when i see one.
do you believe in forgiveness: depends on the situation.
if you could have any animal for a pet: puppy.
what's something you wish you could understand better?: a lot.

01. cried? nope... for once hahah.
02. bought something? twilers.. bread.. with my mom ;D
03. sang? yupp.
04. eaten? course, can't live without food.
05. been kissed? nooooo ='[, no one loves meeeeeeee.
06. felt stupid? yupp.
07. wanted to tell someone you loved them, but didn't? no.
08. met someone new? not really.. but YESTERDAY i did hahah.
09. moved on? yes.
10. talked to an ex? yes.
11. missed an ex? .. yes and no.
12. talked to someone you have a crush on? no =[
13. had a serious talk? .. right now i'm having one.
14. missed someone? yes.
15. hugged someone? I hugged Aimee and Hannah today hahah.
16. fought with your parents? Not today.
17. dreamed about someone you can't be with? .. sure why not.

01. best girl friend(s). nikki, aimee, alli, dorell, mishy, ct, esther, susan.. the whole gang really.
02. best guy friend(s). i dunno.. what guy can i talk to about ANYTHING? none..
03. boy/girlfriend. single.
04. if no, current dating partner.
05. what I love to do. read a good book and just shove my life out the door so i can have some peace and quiet.
06. pager/cell. cell.
07. are you center of attention or the wallflower? both.. but i go with center of attention more.
08. what type automobile do you drive? benz.
09. what type automobile do you wish you can drive? convertible.. something like that.
10. where is the best hangout? my house, your house, the movies, bowling.. mall.
11. do you like being around people? yeah if i'm in a good mood.

01. who is your role model? have none.
02. what are some of your pet peeves? annoying people who ask annoying questions.
03. have you ever liked someone you had no chance with? obviously.
04. have you ever cried over a person of the opposite sex? erm.. maybe.
05. do you have a "type" of person you always go after? yes... no.. yes?
07. ever wanted to get revenge on someone because they hurt you? yes.
8. rather be dumper or dumped? none.. it breaks my heart to be either haha.
09. rather have a relationship or a "hookup"? both.. lmao.
10. want someone you don't have right now? sure why not.
11. ever liked your best guy/girl friend? hmm no.
12. do you want to get married? yes.
13. do you want kids? yes. yes.
14. do you believe in psychics? err.. say what.
15. do you believe you know the person whom you will marry at this point in time? no.
16. what is your favorite part of your physical appearance? err dunno.
17. what is your favorite part of your emotional being? i dunno, im a moodswinger.
18. are you happy with yourself? right now.. guess so.
19. are you happy with your life? yaeh it's alright.
20. if you could change something in your life right now, what would it be? a whole lot.
21. what are your life goals? i got a lot and too much to say at 11;41PM must go to bed.

9.25 -- We won our first vball game.. and I wasn't there. I had an ortho appointment and now I have RUBBER BANDS, sucks. Tomorrow's Friday and no practice, whoo.
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