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Wed, 17 -- We lost our first 'real' game. We did so bad.. oh well I have a feeling we're going to do good on some of the other games.

Thurs, 18 -- Ct and I wore our PF sweaters to school, hahh. We did so good during vball practice, so good, that our coach canceled our practice for tomorrow. ;D Too bad that on...

Fri, 19 -- FRIDAY, we had no school ( yay ) so it didn't really matter, everyone else had practice off too, lol. I remember it was really early in the morning.. maybe around 5 or 6 and Meli comes running in my room going, "Tiffany no school!" And I'm like, "Arghggheguheig" < which meant OKAY. And then I fell back to sleep, lmao.

When I did wake up.. my mom took us to the library so I could get new books. Then off to shopping because I had to get Dorell a present. So I go to Abercrombie and Fitch and get her a t-shirt. Then we ate at Taco Bell ( of course ) and then.. to H&M and Pacsun and Macy's .. I think. Later, my mom dropped me off at Empire Szchuan for Dorell's party. I sat inbetween Mishy and Clara. I took so many pictures there.. there's this guy Jon ( Dorell's friend), and he kept on hitting on the guys lmao. I think the people who worked at the restaurant got annoyed of us because we were so loud and wild, running around, and Vikas broke a glass. It was so choatic, haha but I had fun.

Trying to squeeze into the picture.
Jon's bi-curious

After the party, Aimee, Nikki, Mishy, CT and I went bowling at Westbury. Whoo fun. We took MORE pictures... and of course I came in last. I suck at bowling haha. And we even had the bumpers to help but of course that didn't help me =[.

Bowling Shoes
Group Pic
Another Group Pic

And to see the rest of the party / bowling pics go here.

Sat, 20 -- Been home all day doing basically nothing.. I played DDR with my bro.. watched Cruel Intentions on my computer and then for about 2 hours I was working on the xanga layout since it got screwed up and I sorta had to do it again. Argh, it's already 6:15, got much more to do.

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