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So let's start off with a Friday. I went to Syosset's Homecoming with my sister and her friends. I only went on two rides ( sob ). The zipper and gravitron. They better have graivtron at Jericho.. I heard they took it out, nooo. I want to hang upside down next time hahahah.

Then comes Saturday, I went to Wei-Ping's (aka esther haha) church with Meli and we hung with her peeps. Hah, we played tons of FUN FUN FUN games. Like er.. Mr. Mumble, Scattergory, Endurance.. and other stuff I can't think off the top of my head right now. The people there are really nice, oh and Jericho is number 1 ;D ( not manhanssett ).

Sunday whoo! NOT REALLY, we went to Chinese School.. and now I'm in grade six. Hahah, I've been learning chinese for 8 years and I'm only up to six grade. ( I'm suppose to be in 8 now.. ) Anyway, it was the usual, boring. I wish I didn't have to go.

That night.. I got sooo pissed. I made this reallllly cute animation for xanga.. for my new layout and it was too big to load >[ and if I saved it as a .gif the quality of the photos would go bad =[ I tried EVERYTHING and it won't work so ARHGHGHGH *#($%#*(%Y&(#Y%&*#^%&(#Y.

Monday - Today was Picture Day! I hope I came out okay. After taking pics, Susan, Christina, Nikki and I hung out at the aud and waited for everyone else to finish taking their pics. I brought in my digicam..

Susan and Christina

Tiff and Nikki

We also had sports pictures. So we took our volleyball picture and I hope I came out okay in that one too haha. Nothing really happened today.. but it was Dorell's bday;


Alli and DORELL

It's also Lauren's and Diandra.. but they ain't here anymore hahahah.

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